Monday, 13 October 2014

My Prayer: @Jesus is love

My Prayer...
In my struggles, O Lord, help me find your grace — not in the relief of struggle and pain, but in the redemption and change of my heart and my habits to your glory. By your grace and in the name of my Savior Jesus I ask it. Amen.

I know the plan you have for me. It is a plan of prosperity, hope of eternal life . That is all. How lucky I am. It is not only for me. But for any one who believes in Jesus and the door is open. Jesus always knock the door of everyone to open and to receive the above blessing. But many ignore it and few receive it. What we see in our eyes is temporary. What we hope is eternal. My choice is the plan of God of prosperity. Not prosperity of this world. But the prosperity of the coming world. That is all. This is foolishness to many but it is wisdom to me. I think so. What about you? 


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