Sunday, 30 August 2015


My Dear friends, what if a sky says, I have seen a wonderful thing today, what if a earth says, I have felt that wonderful thing today, what if a wind says I have experience new breath today, what if a city of Akola says, King of King, Lord of Lord, the Savior JESUS has visited me today! all must be surprised by my statement!...But let me tell you, I have witness a live transformation of life today in the city of akola! .The most important thing is Lord exactly sended HIS word in a such a powerful way, that it broke all the strong holds over Akola Pastors and Leaders and their Ministries too. One of the Pastor said, from 35yrs he has visited & attended number of meetings & churches, but today he got the ORIGINAL treasure from word of God, which he never heard till date,....
Many Pastors accepted that, because of their way of work, city is still in bandages.
My dear friends ,a cry of repentance, a cry of reunion with God, a cry of new start, was seen in people today! Let me tell you friends Akola has got a breakthrough which will bear a fruit in coming days.I have no words to describe, but only I can say whole Heaven was a Back up for today Great Commission, which also resulted in victory of Love of Christ over all the plans of evil.Great Commission has become a History making Pioneer for this city. All Glory for everything to my God ALONE. Lots of thank you for your prayer, because they are working.God bless you all!


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