Monday, 18 August 2014

Indore Prayer meeting: @Speaker pst Rambabu @worship by Danielraj, Anthonyraj

Indore People Are you ready for Jesus to learn, to listen to him;To talk to him, to healing him, To confess your sins in front of him.

प्रभु यीशु ने आश्वासन दिया है: "हां, मैं शीघ्र आने वाला हूं। आमीन। हे प्रभु यीशु आ।" ** (प्रकाशितवाक्य 22:20)

Please All of you pray for this big event......Because the meeting is not just for the poor,But every one of Indore or poor people, whether rich is for everyone. Special Prayer request:- And please praying the Lord's servant Pastor Rambabu,Pst. Danielraj and Pst. Anthonyraj so that by him the word of God will change our lives.


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